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MiPro ACT-7 Series Overview

In today's video, we are exploring the MiPro ACT-72 DANTE Dual Channel Receiver as well as the ACT-70T and ACT-70H Transmitters.

MIPRO ACT-72 DANTE: https://www.mipro.com.tw/p4_en.html?gid=18
MiPro ACT-70T: https://www.mipro.com.tw/p4_en.html?gid=21\u0026tab=p_Data_en
MiPro ACT-70H: https://www.mipro.com.tw/p4_en.html?gid=20\u0026tab=p_Data_en

Available only from Techni+Contact Canada Ltd.

We are your trusted partner, committed to simplifying human interaction and communication.

How to use the MIPRO Portable PA

This video is to briefly acquaint you with the features of our portable PA system and how to set it up properly.

Tech notes:
-Filmed on an iPhone 5
-Audio recorded in GarageBand with a Shure Beta 87c

Mipro MI909TR Wireless In-Ear Monitor System - Programing Tips

Web Page for more info: http://ineargear.com/wireless/mipromi909digital.html / We stock the MI909 and MI58 by the skids as well as all the parts for down the road.

Adding 4.9.21 Going through the programing, stop on RF. There's a high, low and off. Chose low. On high it will step all over your mics. You're only blasting 50' you don't need it set to 300'

We're also putting together packages have a look here: http://ineargear.com/mipro-mi909-packages/




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