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웻슈트구매가이드/'서핑읽어주는남자'[웻슈트사이즈, 계절별종류,가격 등등]

서핑 간지의 완성은 웻슡~
사이즈 및 종류에 대해서 이야기 해보자!!

송민이 알려주는 웻슈트에 관한 모든것!!

더 궁금한 점 또는 구매에 대한 문의는 댓글로 남겨주세요^^

BEST BOARDSHORTS FOR SURFING 2019 and Four Key Things to Look for (with some Cocoa Beach Surf Film)

This video also contains a montage of Beach Camera, GoPro, and Drone Surf film. If you want to go straight to the BOARDSHORT ADVICE, you can skip to around 7:34.

I purposely kept some of the beach camera surf film a little shaky and not as editing just to keep a more vintage feel to it.
GoPro is pretty basic as well, not much to really edit there as you can't really get specific cinematic shots while filming.
Now the drone is another story... I spend a lot of time planning and trying to figure out what shots look best but I am usually in the sun and it's hard to see so I just film and pray... haha.


[김준모 TV] 서핑슈트 웻슈트 어떻게 골라요?

안녕하세요.. 김준모 TV의 김준모입니다.
서핑을 시작하시는 분들에게 도움이 되고자 서핑슈트의 브랜드와 모델 사이즈 두께에 대해서 간단하게 설명 하였습니다.


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